Dick Cheney Is For It – Why You Should Be Weary

Former US Vice President, Dick Cheney, on Monday, began his attempts to prime the pump for a US war with Russia.  Speaking at the Economic Times & Global Business Summit, Mr. Cheney made the case that the alleged Russian interference in the US 2016 presidential election “could be considered an act of war”.

It has been interesting to watch US media spend so much time on the Trump/Russia/election angle. It seemed their approach was to undermine the credibility and legitimacy of the President.  Maybe they could get him into a bigger scandal; get him, or someone in his inner circle to make a false statement about any communications with someone in Russia in order to prosecute a process foul.  But it seems our government and Deep State operatives, of which Dick Cheney is certainly a part, wants much more than that. I thought that after Hillary Clinton lost, they’d slow down with the war with Russia talks. Remember, during the 2016 election season, candidates from both parties were calling for the enforcement of no-fly zones over Syria. People with half a brain then knew that meant war with Russia. (The war-monger John McCain has been calling for war with Russia in Syria for more than 18 months now.)

But back to Dick Cheney. You know what? Never mind. We can probably trust a guy who was the Secretary of Defense during the first Iraq war, served on the Council of Foreign Relations, was CEO of an American multinational corporation, and one of the world’s largest oil field services companies, and was totally right about Iraq’s WMD’s after 2001.


Don’t Get On Your High Horse

This was President Obama’s admonition to evangelical Christians at the 2015 National Prayer Breakfast, lest they forget how complicit they were in waging 9 crusades in the Middle East between 1096 and 1270 (919 years ago!) and in the Spanish Inquisition of 1480 to 1834 (535 years ago!).

President Obama

Genius he’s not, but increasingly our President is offering the intellect and rhetorical barbs of a 9th grade drop out.  “Yeah, but what about the crusades? And the Inquisition?” Ooh. Ouch! You got us on that one. His level of understanding of these events does not even rise to the level of Infogalactic. Henry Kamen has made some serious headway in rebutting many of the myths that surround the Spanish Inquisitions, but even Infogalactic agrees on an execution rate by the Inquisitors of around 2%. So, of the 150,000 tribunals, some 3,000+ people were executed during this time.  For the mathematically impaired, that is less than nine deaths per year (3000 / (1834-1480) = 8.47); much less than are claimed by the swimming pool or bicycle each year. Of course, more Americans were killed in a Muslim-sponsored attack, in one day, than were people during the entirety of the Spanish Inquisition. Continue reading