The Hot Takes: #Charlottesville

Here are some takeaways in the aftermath of the events in Charlottesville, VA on Saturday August 12, 2017.

I disavow all people and groups associated with, or representing, Nazism, national socialism, white supremacy, and the KKK.

Nazism was dead and gone long ago.  It’s only trotted out by simple-minded fools who are trying to be edgy, or when there is a legitimate target to smear, as the corpse of David Duke keeps doing.

President Trump disavowed David Duke 17 years ago. Now he endorses Trump as revenge. Dukes comments wreak of a paid smear job.

National Socialism is of not the Right; it’s of the Left. National. Socialism. Is. Not. Of. The. Right.  Nazi LARPers are not a part of the right, let alone the One Real Alt-Right.

“White Nationalism” makes no sense. Only Americans with a vague sense of white/black/other nationality distinctions use the phrase.


White Nationalist

Most Americans don’t stop to realize that Swedes, Poles, French, German, Brits, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, Dutch, Finns, Swiss, etc, are ALL WHITE, but of DIFFERENT NATIONALITIES.  Have Europeans found solidarity in the color of their skin, or do they value a much deeper understanding of their own distinct peoples and culture? When the white nationalist William Wallace fought the white imperialist English, was he the good guy or bad guy?

The more I think about the events of that day, and how they were reported, the whole thing seems like a huge set up.

The police did not do a good job, as local politicians kept saying, but a horrible one. Any time there are opposing groups, each carrying sticks and shields and wearing helmets, police should seek to keep the groups apart in the name peace.  They did the opposite. As images show, the police not only stood down, but funneled the opposing groups into one another. As you can see here, the dhouivfuiaa0_um.jpgpolice forced one group through one stair exit from the elevated park right into the awaiting homemade flame-thrower of a peaceful protester.

The police stood idly by and fled when it got hot.

Who ordered the police to stand down?

The injured and families of the deceased should have a case against the municipality of Charlottesville and the Commonwealth of Virginia

It was also remarkable to me that in all of the coverage of the events that day, very few media pundits or politicians mentioned the word Antifa. The governor of VA was asked specifically to denounce them and their violence as he just did the nazi LARPers.  He refused.

Mentioning birddogging Antifa wouldn’t serve the narrative that there is only one violent group, and that group is directly tied to the President.  The media’s persistence that President Trump is responsible for, and hasn’t condemned neo-nazi’s strongly enough reveals that unity and healing is not really the goal, but smearing and de-legitimizing. (See David Duke above).

It was also surprising to learn that the organizer of the event,


Feb. 2017 Shaggy Lib              Aug. 2017 Clean-cut nazi

Jason Kessler, was a left-wing Obama voter who was involved in Occupy Wall Street protests.  There’s more to come on Kessler, but it seems strange that someone who was into leftist subversive activities in his recent past is all of the sudden right wing?  Something fishy going on here…

The events of this past weekend are eerily similar to the successful Ukrainian coup of 2013.

The planned rally of “Unite the Right” is nearly identical to a neo-nazi movement that was part of a successful coup in the Ukraine in 2013 and 2014 that culminated in the ouster of the then Ukrainian President.  The movement was widely supported among US politicians for its potential to install US-friendly/controlled government right next door to Russia.  Here’s US Senator John McCain standing with neo-nazi leaders in the Ukraine in 2013.

At the “Unite the Right” rally, people in video can be heard marching and chanting “blood and soil, blood and soil”.  This is 19th century German folk language.  Americans do not speak like this.

Someone at the top is organizing and funding this kabuki theater and they’re trying to tarnish the President, his supporters, and destroy the fabric of the US.


Dick Cheney Is For It – Why You Should Be Weary

Former US Vice President, Dick Cheney, on Monday, began his attempts to prime the pump for a US war with Russia.  Speaking at the Economic Times & Global Business Summit, Mr. Cheney made the case that the alleged Russian interference in the US 2016 presidential election “could be considered an act of war”.

It has been interesting to watch US media spend so much time on the Trump/Russia/election angle. It seemed their approach was to undermine the credibility and legitimacy of the President.  Maybe they could get him into a bigger scandal; get him, or someone in his inner circle to make a false statement about any communications with someone in Russia in order to prosecute a process foul.  But it seems our government and Deep State operatives, of which Dick Cheney is certainly a part, wants much more than that. I thought that after Hillary Clinton lost, they’d slow down with the war with Russia talks. Remember, during the 2016 election season, candidates from both parties were calling for the enforcement of no-fly zones over Syria. People with half a brain then knew that meant war with Russia. (The war-monger John McCain has been calling for war with Russia in Syria for more than 18 months now.)

But back to Dick Cheney. You know what? Never mind. We can probably trust a guy who was the Secretary of Defense during the first Iraq war, served on the Council of Foreign Relations, was CEO of an American multinational corporation, and one of the world’s largest oil field services companies, and was totally right about Iraq’s WMD’s after 2001.