Pray, Candle Light Vigil, Lather, Rinse, Repeat

You are witnessing insanity. I am not referring to the insanity of Islamic terror – that’s not insane, just demonic.

You are watching the destruction of a culture, built over thousands of years rousso– destroyed in a few generations.  I am not referring to the destruction of jihadis who just detonated a nail bomb to rip apart children, including 8-yr-old girls, as they enjoy an Ariana Grande concert.

The insanity belongs to the people of the West; the so-called “leaders” of democracy and liberal values.  To those who continue to spout banal, poopy-talk like


The destruction is not by suicide vests, but by a domestic security policy that allows, nay invites, a foreign invasion on a scale unprecedented in human history. I say again – unprecedented in human history.

When all your response is:

  1. Hashtag “Thoughts and prayers”
  2. Change Facebook filter
  3. Candlelight vigil
  4. Wait for the next slaughtering

then you are insane. Destructively insane.dag39m_xgaezcju

When any resource is put into policing Facebook posts and Tweets for “Islamophobia”, instead of monitoring foreign terror on your own soil, you know you are living in the land of lunatics.

23-yr-old Salman Abedi, the man who blew himself, and others, up last night, was “known to [UK] security services” but they did nothing to stop him.  He had been planning this for months, but they believed he did not “pose an immediate threat”.  Meanwhile, Tommy Robinson just got out of prison for having wrongthink on Twitter.  Let that sink in.  A Tweet = prison. Known terrorist activities = no action.


The West is starving for real leadership.  Breathlessly waiting for one man to, instead of repeating the same PC dog sh*t about “diversity” and “strength” and “privilege” and “inclusion” to say “You know what? We messed up. This doesn’t work. Those among us who cannot build or maintain our society’s values don’t belong here. We will not implement practical measures to correct this”.

Just as nature abhors a vacuum, so does true leadership.  Somebody will step up. Unfortunately, if the leaders of the West don’t act now, that person will be someone who won’t play so nicely and whose methods may be a bit dicey – but by then most people will welcome it.

One day, the wrong guy’s daughter is going to get blown up (or stabbed, or raped) and he will look like the second coming of John Wick. And all the blood shed then and now up to that point, will be on the hands of those that caused this issue and do nothing about it.


Fake News – CIA Edition

Newly declassified CIA documents  show that the CIA was paying journalists and media companies to plant stories or suppress others. Among them, the New York Times, Washington Post, Fortune Magazine, Los Angeles Times, and Wall Street Journal.


But that was way back in the 1950’s – 1970’s. Nothing like that happens today.

Of course a coordinated political hit must take place against AG Jeff Sessions before he rolls up all of the previous President’s DOJ officials or investigates any money laundering schemes (involving this guy who just suicided himself).

Fake News

As a primer on Fake News, here’s what you need to know:

Fake News is a powerful rhetorical shiv when applied correctly. It’s a term that’s so broad and all-encompassing you’ll often see it invoked by anyone of any political leaning.  But, it’s most effective when wielded with a marked truth about the dishonesty of the news-faker. This is why the use of Fake News now belongs exclusively to the right. So much so, that the Washington Post has called for an end to the term’s use, because it was so quickly, and viciously, and accurately applied to the mainstream media (MSM).

Per this Google trend chart below, you’ll see the explosion of the term “fake news” at the climax of the 2016 US presidential election. Many would have you believe that purposely false news stories made their rounds on social media during that time and may have swung the election results. But I’m here to help you set the record straight.


The real intent of the political left’s (and their foot soldiers in the MSM) use of the term “fake news” (before it was turned around on them) was to discredit real and legitimate stories and scandals. Nothing exemplifies this better than a November 6th tweet by Hillary Clinton communications person, Jennifer Palmieri.

You get that? Without knowing if a new allegation would surface, or the nature of any future allegation, or Continue reading