Leadership – An Invitation to Inspire

I stumbled on blog post today about Women Leaders in the Church.  To put it mildly, this was an immature rant, rambling almost incoherently without saying much other than accusing men of being violent, prone to crime, and emotionally insecure, and unfairly holding back women from leadership in the church; all while society at large is rapidly promoting women in business, politics, education, etc. (because you know we really should be following the world’s lead here…). Oh, and that Jesus founded the Women’s Liberation Movement (I kid you not!).  Check it out.

There’s much to be said about the post itself.  But one thing appears to be clear: the spirit of feminism that has taken hold in certain christian circles is insidious.  It’s growing and metastasizing like an unseen cancer; and many of our wives, sisters, daughters, mothers, and brothers are being affected by it.  Here, in this stage it seems to manifest in the frustrations of life, where one has not attained the station or adulation that they believe they so richly deserve.  Not considering the Lord’s timing and instruction, these frustrated souls latch onto the spirit of the age to give reason to their dire situation, and to give target to a new enemy: male oppression.  It’s a very sad state of affairs, to say the least.

But my message to you today is one of inspiration.  You see, you have an opportunity to leadershipactually lead. To portray a life and lifestyle of true, genuine leadership and to so create an environment where the women in your life are free to exercise their gift to the fullest.  Lead the way to help the would-be woman-leader in your life to:

  • Start a prayer group
  • Start a neighborhood bible study
  • Greet five new people at church or the kids’ school each week
  • Submit a devotional or column to the church bulletin
  • Come forward to prophesy during the appropriate time during services

True leadership is not having a seat on the eldership board.  It’s not being consulted for your input on bureaucratic decisions within the church.  True leadership happens when others follow your lead because you deposit life, love, and wisdom into others.  Leadership is selfless.  Leaders do.

Take a step forward right now.  2016 is the year of doing.  I promise you your seed will not return void if you sow into the lives of others.

You want to be a leader?  Start doing.

People will follow.


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