An Uncertain Sound

For if the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, who will prepare himself for battle? – 1 Corinthians 14:8

With the arrest of three men in New York, allegedly on their way to hijack a plane in Turkey to divert it to the ISIS hotbed in Syria, we have yet another instance of the “war on terror” coming ever closer to home and on US soil.  The men have also been accused of plotting to kill police, FBI agents, US soldiers, and even President Obama.

Again, most people can see the hand writing on the wall and are beginning think critically about how they will respond when a more concerted attack takes place here in the US homeland. Others, of course, have their heads firmly planted in the sand (or sometimes, a certain body orifice) and are waiting ever-so blithely for a very stern and rude awakening.  It’s hard to blame them when a lot of the media discussion is around whether the President and his cabinet are using the correct nomenclature or what strategies can be used to defeat ISIS and their ilk “over there.”

Since there is no clarity of message in our national media space, and not much of a message coming from American spiritual leaders, the sound being heard today is uncertain.  Without a clear and certain “sound” how can one prepare himself for battle?

Sounding the Trumpet

Please prepare your mind and spirit for the struggle of our generation.  Seek God’s will in your life and ask him what He would have you do during the coming storm.  Prepare for both a spiritual battle, and quite possibly, a physical one.


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