A Clash of Civilizations?

Before the ink could dry on my first post on wondering what life in the US will be like when jihad-inspired 4GW comes to the US homeland, news has broken this morning of the killing of three Muslims in the college town of Chapel Hill, NC.

Even as I type, the US Congress is reviewing a letter from President Obama that requests “limited” ground combat operations again ISIS/ISIL, where he says, “If left unchecked, ISIL will pose a threat beyond the Middle East, including to the United States homeland.”

Since the President is already broaching the topic of ISIS/ISIL effectively targeting the US, what do we make of this most recent killing in Chapel Hill?  Most gut reactions (if you’ve spent two minutes on twitter) are that this latest incident as another example of the oppression faced by Muslims in non-Muslim countries, especially at the hands of a white, racist, Christian.  In turns out, however, that alleged perpetrator is an avowed atheist and this seemingly senseless killing may have been the climax of a much-heated dispute over a parking spot.

Vox Day notes:

Perhaps it was just a parking dispute. Or perhaps it is another step towards the Clash of Civilizations war that so many experts have been expecting for decades.

Pray for peace and for wisdom.


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